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Tennis Elbow Cortisone Injection

Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) is a common painful and functionally limiting presenting injury here at KUER Clinic. It is a common condition that causes pain around the site of the elbow resulting usually from overuse of the wrist extensor complex, however it is also common for this to be because of altered postural control.

In spite of the name this is commonly a condition seen as a result of every day activities. Tennis elbow is a condition which affects 3 people in every 100. Depending on severity of the tendinopathy a cortisone injection is recommended with a successful rate in reducing the inflammation causing the pain thus enabling a client to participate in an exercise programme to return quickly to full recovery.

The injection itself is a straight forward procedure whereby inserting lidocaine a local anaesthetic to reduce pain within the area and then a corticosteroid aiming to flush the area reducing inflammation at the site of the tendon. It is important after the appointment to rest the area for 48 hours refraining from too much activity. After this time we recommend a gentle return to full activity with guidance from the consultant regarding management from there.

A course of physiotherapy is recommended after the injection to focus on mobilisation and full return of strength to focus on returning to normal or sporting activity.

We treat:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Bursitis
  • UCL Injury
  • Muscle Strains


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