A bursa is a fluid filled sac that lubricates the motion of one tissue over another. A bursitis is most common within areas whereby protecting tendons against bone.   Causes of bursitis include: injuries, repetitive movements and impacts, overuse from work, home activities and playing sport.

The most commonly injected bursas are around the shoulder (subacromial bursa) and hip (trochanteric bursa). Despite these being common we have a high level of experience treating Achilles tendon bursitis, elbow bursitis and ischial bursitis.

Bursitis (inflammation of a bursa) is a common cause of soft tissue pain. Movement may be affected secondary to pain. A corticosteroid injection is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication. An injection of a small dose of a corticosteroid directly into the bursa alongside a local anaesthetic can help to relieve symptoms of reducing inflammation, therefore enabling a return to normal movement patterns and, therefore a significant reduction in pain.

The steroid medication takes effect in on to two days at which point you should start to see improvement. Typically, the pain relief experienced from this procedure lasts 6 months however in this time we would aim to focus on addressing the mechanical cause for such pathology.

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